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Odyssey Travels

Odyssey Travels is dedicated to creating holidays that will last you a lifetime. The world and all its myriad wonders can now be explored, experienced and shared, and, for those that know how, in comfort and style! We specialise in real adventures for you to treasure forever.

Whether it’s visiting Central America’s astonishing Mayan ruins, climbing Africa’s highest peak Mount Kilimanjaro, soaking up the breathtaking beauty of Japan’s cherry blossom season, witnessing Tanzania’s phenomenal Great Wildebeest Migration, staying at some of the best camps in Africa like Mombo Camp, or any one of thousands more fantastic adventures, we are masters of the most magnificent modern itinerary. We will create your own personal Odyssey

Welcome to our world


We are passionate about travel; from perfectly crafted itineraries, to the latest or the greatest world experiences. It is a lifetime interest for each of us, and we are specialists. Whether you choose Africa Odyssey, Asia Odyssey or South America Odyssey, each has developed organically from insider knowledge of the region, and in each case our expertise has expanded with our personal exploration and research over the years.

We devise exceptional holidays to suit all kinds of clients, from dedicated adventurers and explorers, to those seeking the very best, most exclusive holiday experiences available. Whatever type of travel you have in mind, we can help you turn your dreams into reality – and probably exceed them.

Many years ago we started advising honeymooners and elite travellers on the most exciting and idyllic itineraries in east and southern Africa. We sought out the most charming and charismatic small, owner-run lodges and camps, and forged links and alliances with a network of contacts across the safari lands and down the Indian Ocean coast. Business grew rapidly; many clients came back to us again and again, and recommended us to friends and colleagues.

We began to receive requests for itineraries beyond Africa, and in response, we gradually expanded our boundaries and our knowledge. We grew our team to include specialists in each new area. Now covering all of Africa, Asia and South and Central America, Odyssey Travels would be delighted to design your next big travel adventure.

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Every one of our itineraries is completely tailor-made. We take great care to understand each client’s particular preferences and requirements, whatever they may be, and to produce an itinerary that fits those preferences and requirements perfectly. We want you to be absolutely delighted with every element of your trip, and we take enormous pride in the professional service that we provide.

Independently owned and operated, we are not accountable to anybody but you. Our only objective is to arrange the best possible trip for you, ensuring that you get the very best value for your budget and that you have a wonderful time.

Some of our favourite lodges


We have excellent relationships with all our suppliers, which means that we can often offer special rates.  Booking with us will cost you no more (and often less!) than if you were to book with the suppliers directly – and you don’t pay anything at all for our expert advice and experience. We therefore offer outstanding value for money – and furthermore we guarantee to price match any reputable UK bonded tour operator.

All Odyssey Travels are guaranteed by our ATOL bond (ATOL 5397), which means that your money is absolutely protected, whatever might happen to us.