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Best adventure destinations

For the adventurers out there who want to zip wire over gorges, fall through the sky, trek mountains and tear around in kayaks, there are so many amazing destinations to choose from. Luckily, here at Odyssey Travels are partial to a bit of adventure ourselves, which means that whatever your sport or interest, we know all of the best places in the world to do it… If you are keen divers, snorkelers, fishers, kayakers, canoers, horse riders, walkers, bungee jumpers or even simply a lover of the outdoors then we can point you in the right direction for your next adventure.

Whether you want to ride the waves in South America, ride horses with all the African wildlife in the world in the dreamy Okavango Delta or ride elephants through the parks of India searching for tigers in trees, we can help you plan your perfect trip filled with as much or as little adrenaline as your heart desires.

Best adventure destinations in Africa

For the truly adventurous, Africa has it all. If the adventures aren’t enough in themselves for you, how about doing them in the company of unbelievable African wildlife and with beautiful baobab studded backdrops? This continent has so much to offer! From horse riding with the big 5 in the Okavango Delta, to dodging hippos in the South Luangwa and even the truly grounding experience of trekking the rare and mighty mounting Gorillas of Rwanda, be captivated and enthralled around every turn on an adventure holiday in Africa. You can even white water raft around the dramatic Victoria Falls, one of the most iconic sites in the world – possibilities are wide ranging and endless in Africa for the adrenaline seekers out there.

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Best adventure destinations in Asia

Asia, so huge and with such diverse landscapes, really is one big exciting and colossal playground for the adventurers out there. With so many terrains and adventure opportunities in every corner of each country, you are spoilt for choice here whatever your interest. Just in Borneo, enjoy unbelievable wildlife, mountain climbing, scuba diving and trekking opportunities for days. For the serious hikers out there, head over to Pokhara for a trek up the beautiful Annapurna Range for you wilderness and activity fix. Asia is an unbelievable destination for a really unique and action packed adventure holiday.

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Best adventure destinations in South America

South America is the home of adventure. In all corners of this varied and wild continent, find pockets of true wilderness adventure. From zip-wiring on the most impressive lines in Costa Rica, to trekking across the wild and untamed Patagonia or up the mysterious Machu Picchu, or maybe even boating around the colourful and pure Galapagos Islands and down to the icy end of the world in the truly adventurous Antarctica… As you can see, you are completely spoilt for choice in what South America has to offer for the truly adventurous.

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