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Best destinations for a beach holiday

We all know the feeling when cooped up inside on a rainy day, and all you can think of is lying on a beach, toes in the sand and a drink in the hand… Luckily, we at Odyssey Travels have scouted out the best places to do this in the world, so this thought does not have to be a dream, but can become a reality.

Across the diverse South American coast, the luxurious African shores and to the borders of Asia, our world is blessed with miles upon miles of white brilliant beaches and sparking turquoise waters. We have found the best boutique beach hideaways all over the world, and have personally visited every single one to make sure they live up to everyone’s beachy dreams. Whether you are after a beach chic winter break, a bustling surf town, or a wild underwater adventure; we can guide you into booking the best undiscovered beach holidays in the world. Sitting on the sand with a drink in hand has never been so easy, whether it is on the remote and luxurious Seychelles, the bushy and interesting Costa Rica or the lively and diverting Cambodia – we are experts in it all.

Best beach destinations in Africa

Africa is blessed to sit on the dreamy Indian Ocean, and thus beach holidays here do not disappoint and in fact entail some of the most exclusive hideaways in the world. Beachy delights are peppered up and down the shores of this wild and captivating continent. Hop further in to the Indian Ocean and find an array of little islands – complete pockets of paradise for you to bask in and enjoy in complete tranquillity and seclusion. From the quiet and content Seychelles, to the flamboyant and exotic Zanzibar, whatever your taste, the hem of white sands which surround Africa will quench your rainy day dreams of sunshine and relaxation.

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Best honeymoon destinations in Asia

Asia is a sprawling mass of culture, history and front line modernity, but on its borders laze dreamy turquoise waters lapping over glistening white beaches and a fairy-tale of beachy nirvana. Asia is all you need from a beach getaway; the friendly culture oozes smiles around every turn, and the natural land completely tranquil and mesmerising, with that certain Asian flair which will make you feel completely at home. Enjoy Thailand on both its ocean fronts from east to west, or head to Vietnam for further beachy paradise – there are so many options for you to blanket a cultural and city trip with a world class beach getaway.

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Best honeymoon destinations in South America

Whether you are looking for a cosmopolitan beach extravaganza in the lively and exciting Rio de Janeiro, or simply a getaway to what feels like the edge of the world in the beautiful and leafy Osa Peninsula; South America has some of the most interesting beach experiences in the world. With the tropical beaches at one end, and icy towering glaciers at the other, the diversity on offer in South America is incomparable throughout the world. Relaxing on a beautiful beach only touches the surface of what is on offer here from a beach holiday, so whether your dream is lazily sipping on a Mojito in a hammock or exploring the nucleus of the natural world via cruise in the Galapagos Islands - South America has it all.

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