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Best destinations for a city holiday

For those who would prefer to be swept up by a manmade whirlwind of lights and action than to be soaking in scenic views, then luckily, planet earth is home to many interesting and diverting cities. From the skyscrapers of Tokyo to the Michelin star Cape Town – there is almost certainly a favourite city out there for everyone. Whether your thing is fine wines followed by a scenic roof top bar, or dancing salsa into the night in one of Buenos Aires Latino joints, here at Odyssey Travels we can give you the low-down on the places to be around the world right now.

Many cities can be too much, but within every human-hub lays secret streets and boutique hotels which can provide you with authenticity away from touristy hubs, and tranquillity in the midst of chaos. There is so much truth to be found in cities which will open your eyes and ears to the reality of the country which surrounds them – from ancient traditions seeping from the crumbling walls of Cuzco, to the clash of old and new in Tokyo; there is so much to be seen and enjoyed in these manmade mosaics of sights and smells. South America, Asia and Africa, as well as being lands of extraordinary natural beauty, have cities which will leave you completely diverted and wanting more – a perfect way to bookend a round trip.

Best city destinations in Africa

Many think of Africa as more wilderness and wildlife, rather than street lights and cities. However, South Africa is home to Cape Town which is possibly one of the most diverting and fabulous coastal cities in the world. With mouth-watering South African wines, and famously world-class delicious cuisine, not to mention some beautiful spots with sweeping views, Cape Town offers a captivating atmosphere and bustle which is remarkably only a few hours from complete safari wilderness.

Unique to the colourful Indian Ocean island of Zanzibar, sits the historic and cobbled Stone Town. Many either love it or hate it, but one thing is for sure, within the crumbling walls there is a huge amount of charm and history to be discovered around every turn. After a bit of bargaining with the locals and an Arabic-infused Zanzibar curry, you are a mere drive away from the Indian Ocean beach ideal – sandy shores, beach shack-chic hotels and glistening transparent waters…. Uniquely to Africa, you are also only a 45 minute flight away from the Attenborough-worthy Tanzanian wildlife… What is not to love about an African city break?

Best places to stay in Cape Town

Best places to stay in Stone Town

Best city destinations in Asia

Asia is home to some of the most interesting cities in the world. Sky scrapers and unbelievable technology stand side by side with ancient and delicate historical sites. Cities in Asia are therefore unlike any in the modern world, and are completely fascinating. You can be in one building enjoying glossy 21st century cosmopolitan perks, and in the next surrounded by ancient artefacts and dusty walls… It really is extraordinary and something entirely different. From the lux Singapore, to the colourful Kuala Lumpur, and on to the flamboyant Bangkok or the famous skyline of Hong Kong – we have so many favourite Asian cities, all unique and remarkable… it is hard to only pick a few.

Best places to stay in Bangkok

Best places to stay in Hong Kong

Best places to stay in Singapore

Best places to stay in Kuala Lumpur

Best city destinations in South America

Romantic and wondrous is how some would lazily describe the unapologetically cool Buenos Aires – one of the best cities in the world for culture, experience and general ambience. Venture onwards to the exciting Rio de Janeiro and be enticed by the famous carnival or just the general bustle of such a fantastic city, or go historical in the enchanting and time warped Cuzco - the former capital of the Inca Empire. So many options await you in South America for a really fun and action packed city experience, surrounded by so many other diversions to make for an extraordinary once in a lifetime holiday.

Best places to stay in Lima

Best places to stay in Cuzco

Best places to stay in Rio De Janeiro

Best places to stay in Buenos Aires

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