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Best destinations for a cultural holiday

We are lucky that our world is therefore draped in a patchwork print of interesting and diverse cultures, which change from town to town, region to region and country to country. Knowing where to start is a difficult decision. Here at Odyssey Travels we can make it all a bit easier by pinpointing the best cultural experiences around the world today. From engrained ancient traditions to new world norms, there is so much to be marvelled at from a cultural perspective throughout out this vast miscellaneous of people which inhabit planet earth.

From nomadic tribes and Bushmen, to cowboys, geishas and Incas – the Odyssey Travels team have scoured the world to find the most interesting cultural experiences out there. The beautiful thing about a cultural trip is that it really can be found anywhere – whether it is in the remote farmlands of Argentina, the rolling hills of Kenya or in the bold “land of the kings”, Rajasthan – if you are a country wanderer or a city bopper, rich cultures are present in all of our favourite itineraries.

Best cultural destinations in Africa

Where else in the world can you find a pride of majestic lions lazing around in a huge ancient crater than in Africa…? Not only this, but around the Ngorongoro Crater, you will find the traditional Masai people – East Africa is draped in this engrained culture of farming, traditional dress and a completely different way of life to learn about. Not only this, but one of the most ancient and isolated tribes in the world live on the Skeleton Coast in Namibia - a truly eye-opening experience not only made great from the culture of the people, but the eerie wilderness too. Africa’s culture is very much with its people and is still very much present in the midst of an ever changing world.

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Best cultural destinations in Asia

Asia is such an interesting mesh of old diverse and vibrant cultures, and shiny new world scenes. In between all of these pockets of cultural interest lie so many different experiences to be enjoyed, and there is something of interest in vast and beautiful Asia for everyone. To name a few cultural destinations, Rajasthan ‘the land of the kings’ offers a mosaic of spectacular scenery and historical monuments and Jaipur is full of intricately designed ancient temples oozing with mystery. Indonesia offers a completely different experience in the fascinating and spiritual Bali, or over in Kyoto be captivated by archetypal Japan in the delicate but bold blends of colours found in the bewitching Geisha culture. Asia has culture for days, and also places for years… you cannot go wrong with a cultural trip to this fascinating and diverse land.

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Best cultural destinations in South America

South America has so many diverse and interesting cultural points of interest. When thinking initially of South America, for many ancient Inca traditions spring to mind, and certainly no trip to Peru would be complete without a trek up the mysterious and enchanting Machu Picchu through the Sacred Valley of the Incas. However, aside from this, there are so many different aspects of South America which also make it a remarkable cultural destination. Rio carnival offers one of the most vibrant and exuberant displays of culture on the planet with its famous festival. Equally diverting but completely different is the cowboy experience in outback of Argentina, the Pampas. With such cultural intrigue and variety, South America has so much going on!

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