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Best Diving destinations

To many, diving is the sole component when deciding on the next holiday destination. If you are one of those lovers of the mystery of the deep sea and the colourful marine life which goes with it, then you are lucky that around the world there are so many different once in a life time under the sea experiences to be enjoyed.

Whether you are Padi qualified serious deep sea divers, or just interested in learning, there are so many options off the coast of some truly glorious countries. Why not complement a few days learning to dive with an extended trip in your chosen country – whilst you’re there you might as well make a whole round trip of it! Wherever your chosen diving destination, you are sure to be in the company of vibrant marine life and experienced guides who will help you make the most out of your diving extravaganza.

Best diving destinations in Africa

Africa is blessed with miles and miles of beautiful turquoise waters leading into the warm and inviting Indian Ocean with all the flamboyant marine life and beautiful underwater scenes which it boasts. Africa is rightly famed for its on-land safari experience, but as many avid divers will know, what you find on the flip side under the Indian Ocean is just as fascinating to explore with an oxygen tank and some flippers. Africa offers diving with the biggest fish in the see (quite literally), the whale sharks of Mafia Island, or you may want to explore the depths of Lake Malawi for something a little different. There are too many Indian Ocean diving hot spots to mention, but rest assured Africa will provide you with a world class diving experience.

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Best diving destinations in Asia

Diving in Asia is phenomenal. Turquoise waters will lure you into the vibrant ocean life, and the white beaches offer a really welcome rest bite from your dives – if you are a keen diver, then Asia should be next on your list. Around Indonesia there are some really amazing spots for your underwater adventure, and equally Thailand offers the same beachy bliss. Or head to Borneo, and onwards to Lankayan Island for completely isolated waters which would surpass even your wildest diving dreams – even if you are not a diver this is tranquillity at its finest. For diving, Asia really is a spectacular destination.

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Best diving destinations in South America

South America has a few completely out of this world diving spots which are a must-see for the serious underwater explorers out there. Beginning with one of the most renowned diving spots in the world - the remote, iconic and completely private and beautiful Fernandino de Noronya is sheer diving luxury. Onto the Galapagos Islands and underwater is just as iconic and special as above the ground… you will be mesmerised by the sheer volume of life here and all the colours and scenes of marine bliss. Both options are completely singular to South America, and whilst on you dive enjoy Galapagos sharks, hammerheads, turtles, sting rays and every variety of invertebrates. Divers are completely spoilt on a South America underwater adventure…

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