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Best family holiday destinations

Family holidays are a special time in life, and it is so important to get them right for the whole family. Luckily enough, there are so many places to choose from which offer activities and settings suitable for all ages. Old and young, whatever your unique family make up Odyssey Travels have 20 years’ experience crafting family holidays perfectly suited to you.

Whether you are an adventurous bunch who want to all muck in and bungee jump off the edge of the world, whether you are beach loungers or city hoppers, or maybe you are even are planning your first ever family holiday with really little ones; we can find something to suit all. We know the best routes and ideas which avoid lengthy travelling for fidgety children and the best quirky spots which your teenagers will be raving about for years to come. Having a friend in the know will ensure your family holiday will be seamless and the sometimes stressful logistics (especially when travelling with children!) are all taken care of. There are so many options for your next family holiday… it all depends entirely on your unique family dynamic and preferences.

Best family holiday destinations in Africa

Africa is probably the most exciting family holiday destination in the world, which really and truly will excite and enthral all ages equally. Bonding with your kids, whether they be 6 year olds or 20 year olds has never been easier when watching the unbelievable wildlife action which Africa is so visited for. Take a private vehicle and adventure around the most animal dense areas on the planet with the children absolutely hooked on everything, and the parents sipping gin and tonics and taking in the unique African bush atmosphere, equally as entranced by the fascinating wildlife. Or head to the beach (or do both!) for some seaside luxury for the whole family to enjoy… An Africa family holiday is completely one of a kind and extremely special.

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Best family holiday destinations in Asia

A family holiday to Asia would really be a once in a life time and truly unforgettable trip. From the beaches of Thailand to the culture of the North, this is just one example of a fully-fledged and well-rounded holiday the whole family can enjoy. Or, for something completely different, introduce your kids to the Chinese culture and get lost exploring this beautiful, compelling and enchanting country. The people friendly, the scenery stunning and the accommodation unique – a China, or just Asia family holiday should be the dream for many and can be the reality for those families who have wanderlust at their core.

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Best family holiday destinations in South America

South America is such a wonderfully diverse continent, that there is sure to be somewhere which suits your family down to a tee. Your preferred holiday may be beachside water adventures with the kids tearing around the ocean on inflatables, whilst you laze around on the beach awaiting their return, or maybe you are all wildlife lovers and have a dream of visiting the nucleus of the natural world in the pristine Galapagos Islands… Maybe you are all keen hikers and lovers of wilderness in which case, there is nowhere better in the world than Patagonia…. Whether you dream of Costa Rica, Argentina or even Antarctica, the Odyssey Travels team are here to help craft your once in a lifetime family holiday.

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