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Best food destinations

If you are a foodie on a mission, then we can guide you in the ultimate sensory experience whether it is in South America, Asia or Africa. Food is so important to an exceptional holiday, after all, you don’t want to be wishing you could have your famous spaghetti bolognaise when on a trip of a lifetime! Luckily, we have scoured the globe in search of the very best chefs and cuisines known to man, so rest assured you will get your foodie extravaganza.

Why not hop over to South America and feast on beautiful steak cuts and delicious wine in Argentina, or over to Asia for Thai food at it’s very best? In Africa we have found the ultimate foodie destinations – hidden gems which can be yours for the tasting. Nothing quite compares to tasting food at its origin, amplified by the surrounding culture and atmosphere of your chosen destination. Rich or light, healthy or hearty, we can guide you in your ultimate foodie trip of a lifetime with the expertise of personal experience of Odyssey Travels by your side.

Best food destinations in Africa

Although Africa is not exactly famed for its food, there are a few places which will serve you up the best dish of your life. As we in the office have tried and tested every lodge we sell, we can tell you the camps and companies which really do go all out on your foodie experience… Apart from in these little pockets of culinary expertise, look at the Arabic-infused dishes and scrumptious seafood of Stone Town on the island of Zanzibar, or onto the foodie central of Africa in the flamboyant and expert Cape Town – home to some of the best Michelin star restaurants in the world.

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Best places to stay in Stone Town

Best food destinations in Asia

In recent years in particular, Asian food has absolutely rocketed in popularity. If you are a Thai restaurant enthusiast, then why not go to the place it all came from for your next adventure? From Thai to Vietnamese, to Indian to Malaysian to Chinese; Asia has some of the most absolutely delicious dishes on the planet. Rightly famed for its delicacies, a foodie tour of Asia will be something you will dream about years after… To the staple fish-head curry of Singapore, to the most delicious dim sum on the planet in China, and on to the best katsu curry in the world in Tokyo – foodies take to Asia like no other place in the world.

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Best places to stay in Singapore

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Best food destinations in South America

Internationally recognised restaurants and some of the most indulgent food in the world is what you have to look forward to from a foodie tour of South America. Restaurants quirky as they are delicious - be inspired with the Latino flavours which burst from every dish. Don’t be fooled that all is on offer is guinea pigs and steak – a culinary tour of South America is an exceptional experience and will not disappoint. From one of the food capitals of the world in Lima, to the fresh empanadas of the thriving and cosmopolitan Santiago, you are spoilt for choice in this diverse and intoxicating continent.

Best places to stay in Lima

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