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Best historical site destinations

There is no denying that all over the world places of historical significance can give us a small insight into an extinct world seen by no one but pondered by most. Even if you are not the history buff, you cannot help but be overcome by curiosity when faced with such sites which we at Odyssey Travels would recommend.

Africa offers a feeling of timelessness and in its indescribable and atmospheric wilderness. Find the Eastern Africa gems of Stone Town and Lamu for your dose of old Swahili history and diverting cultures. Asia really is a vast land of completely diverse cultures and within this some of the most prolific historical sites on the planet, exemplified in the famous Taj Mahal – it is thus impossible to surmise the possibilities of a historical tour of Asia. South America is home to one of the biggest historical mysteries in the world in Machu Picchu – beautiful and iconic; it encapsulates the historical wonderment of South America, although it is so diverse and has so much more to show other than just this famous landmark.

Best historical site destinations in Africa

Saunter around the bustling fishing markets of Lamu in Kenya experiencing the Swahili way of life whilst staying at a beautiful beach boutique hotel, surrounded by pristine sandy shores and turquoise waters… Africa does history with added perks. Also on the Indian Ocean, explore the flamboyant Stone Town on the island of Zanzibar – rustic, but with history seeping out of the walls, it is a really amazing place to take a guided tour around for history buffs and full-time chillaxers alike. Africa has so much history, and a history which cannot be reduced to a simple physical site, but an atmosphere which lingers with you well after you return home…

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Best historical site destinations in Asia

Asia’s historical sites are some of the most interesting in the world as they stand defiant side by side with towering sky scrapers – ancient history in Asia has stood its ground for centuries next to the imposing pressures of modern day life. It is not just in the contrast between the old and new which makes Asia interesting from a historical perspective, but also the ancient monuments themselves which are completely entrancing in their own right. From Beijing to Rajasthan, from the Taj Mahal to Tokyo, there is so much to be pondered upon in this land of rich history and new world development – a history buff’s dream.

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Best historical site destinations in South America

Historical sites in South America are not few and far between for such a huge place. Peru offers intrigue and unparalleled mystery in the enchanting and beguiling Machu Picchu whilst in other parts of the country; beauty and interesting landscapes are not sacrificed for history places such as Lake Titicaca. Over on the expansive Chilean coast find the completely desolate but historically remarkable Easter Island – a place where only serious historical adventurers travel. In South America the history is not just in the physical sites but in the atmosphere of the cities, towns and villages – the people are what make South America such an interesting place for the historically minded traveller.

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