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Best destinations for honeymoons

A honeymoon only happens once; all the more reason to dig deep and find the most romantic spots in the world. Luckily, we are experts at finding the most enchanting landscapes, sleepy towns and intimate lodges: the places and experiences which will make your honeymoon the once in a lifetime trip that it deserves to be.

Whether you are adrenaline junkie adventurers, full-time beach loungers or breath-taking wilderness seekers; we will tailor your honeymoon so it is unashamedly you. We can organise honeymoons which range from riding horses under the starry skyed Kalahari Desert to taking a luxury cruise around the beating heart of the natural world; the magnificent Galapagos Islands – we are the honeymoon experts and know what makes for that extra special experience. For such an important trip, going it alone can be a dangerous path, but with Odyssey Travels you are safe in the hands of expert adventurers, who all share an eye for discovering little pockets of paradise on this wildly diverse and beautiful planet – ensuring your honeymoon is not only the best holiday you will ever take, but one which is completely unique to you.

Best honeymoon destinations in Africa

Africa: a romantic land of a bygone era. As well as being home to the world’s most fascinating wildlife, most colourful culture and most wondrous and dramatic scenery; from the depths of dusty wilderness to the fresh glistening shores, you can’t escape the spell which bewitches all who take a step onto this captivating continent. There is no honeymoon destination quite like an African one. Seeping with romance, and home to some of the best wild, rustic, glitzy, glamorous or simply charming accommodation options in the world, one thing is for sure; an African honeymoon will bend over backwards to make your trip truly one of a kind, quite unlike any other place on the planet.

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Best honeymoon destinations in Asia

Asia is a kaleidoscope of old and new, intrigue and culture and some of the world’s most spellbinding scenery. Asia has a distinctive and indescribable quirky romance which has all the ingredients of a completely singular honeymoon; in its cities, tall and diverting, to its countryside delicate and remarkable - the cultures will entrance you and the land excite you. Asia is the ultimate honeymoon destination for those duos who like to do things, well, a little bit differently.

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Best honeymoon destinations in South America

South America is a spectacular honeymoon destination. From trekking the infamous and mysterious Machu Picchu, to twirling around a salsa bar in Bueno Aires; it has everything in order to fill your honeymoon with romance and wonder. The towns seeped with history and the countryside completely wild and remote – South America doesn’t do things in halves… Star gaze on the eerie and bewitching Atacama Desert, or soak in the leafy sounds of the bushy Costa Rica; from remote beaches to what feels like the centre of the world, a South America honeymoon caters for every couple - adventurous or horizontal - with a huge amount of zest and flair.

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