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Best hotels and lodges

There is possibly nothing more important, apart from your chosen destination of course, than your accommodation choices. Free to book anything online, people can often be fooled into staying at really shoddy hotels and lodges which look like a completely different story online… This is where we come in. With our extensive travels, we have gained much personal knowledge of each lodge on the website, which means all the ones you see have been properly vetted by at least one member of our team.

Whether you want superstar luxury, or a rustic and friendly little beach hut; we can guide you as we see fit into accommodation options that are simply very “you”. With some of the most cutting edge shiny hotels in the world to the most isolated and different, our website has it all. It doesn’t matter whether exclusivity, intimacy, authenticity, quirkiness or all-the-mod-cons-in-the-world is your preference; we will have an option for you in our huge collection of fully vetted accommodation options.

Best hotels and lodges in Africa

Africa is home to come of the most exclusive and luxurious accommodation options in the world. Be completely pampered and cared for with the utmost personalised service in the safari lodges of Africa – there is no hotel experience quite like it for the luxury lovers out there. Similarly, you are provided with the personalised service and really friendly owner-run and intimate feel even when staying in the more rustic authentically safari, tented options. Africa is unique in this sense, not to mention the prehistoric safari scenes which the camps and lodges are set on – what more could you wish for?



North Island


Best hotels and lodges in Asia

Get lost in a tranquil world of Asian countryside in a little boutique lodge, or hit up the city lights in one of the most cutting edge hotels in the world – Asia has so much to offer for a completely different and captivating accommodation experience. Whether you are seeking a once in a life time family holiday, a wild and wonderful Asian solo round trip or searching for that perfect blend of romance and authenticity on your honeymoon – Asia is your place for remarkable destinations, and top quality varied accommodation.

Mahua Kothi

Amankora Punakha

La Residence


Best hotels and lodges in South America

South America, aside from its hugely diverse landscapes and countries, is home to some really one of a kind hotels and lodges. Get lost in a small boqituey Amazon hideaway surrounded by all the hums of the forest, or take a cruise around the beautiful Galapagos Islands on a moving hotel in one of our luxury boat recommendations such as the MV Origin. Whatever your style, cowboy-ing it up in the Argentinian Pampas, sipping vino in the romance of Buenos Aires, or getting some air into the lungs in the fresh and wild Patagonia – accommodation options here will give you the full South American experience.

Awasi Patagonia

MV Origin

Lapa Rios


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