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Best undiscovered destinations

Undiscovered destinations are possibly the most magical of places to visit – untouched and unmanned they create a truly one of a kind experience. There are some truly extraordinary and vast areas on this planet which are seriously under visited – at Odyssey Travels the undiscovered destinations of the world are our absolute favourites.

From true African outback wilderness, to the end of the world on a boat to Antarctica, these completely opposing yet equally fascinating destinations both offer complete escape and isolation from the bustle and stress of everyday life. Many of the undiscovered areas on the planet are remote and wild, making this the ultimate retreat away from buzzing phones, constant emails and unavoidable daily distractions. Whether you are after complete escapism, or simply a wild setting for you to clear your head and lungs; we have picked out the most undiscovered and unique spots in the world for you to visit and enjoy.

Best undiscovered destinations in Africa

Africa, so vast and wild, is a continent of so many hidden treasures. When many think of Africa, their minds go to safari, and from that they usually leap to the Masai Mara in Kenya or the Kruger National Park in South Africa -however, there are so many more places which boast completely untouched and anti-touristy havens. From the lesser known but absolutely beautiful and brilliant Ruaha in Tanzania, often overshadowed by the notorious Serengeti, or to the aptly named Skeleton Coast of Namibia, you can find peace and wilderness around every corner in the countries of Africa.

Best places to stay in Ruaha

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Best places to stay in Kafue

Best places to stay in Skeleton Coast

Best undiscovered destinations in Asia

Asia is so huge, that it seems probably the undiscovered places are just as magical as they were a century ago… and they really are. If you are looking for rolling hills, textured with layers and in a mosaic of different subtle colour changes, then Asia is your place. A palate of colour, a picture of Only tiny villages with rich cultures interrupts views with a complete fairy-tale quality, and in our opinion, this only adds to the magical landscapes Asia offers. From the mountainous Sapa, and to the indigenous tribes in the buzzing jungles of Sarawak, you will be bewitched by these picture perfect scenes of natural splendour.

Best places to stay in Sarawak

Best undiscovered destinations in South America

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